The Only Two Kinds of Theology

Most of the major world religions have one thing in common: they attempt to climb up to heaven to get to God through doing good things. Christianity, on the other hand, is the only religion in which God left heaven to come to us to do good things for us—in order to bring us up to himself.

Theology is the study of God. We could summarize every world religion as a theology of glory, whereas Christianity is a theology of the cross. Theologies of glory attempt to ascend to God through merit, reason, mysticism, and speculation. The theology of the cross humbly has God descending to us as a baby lying in a manger, who will later hang on a cross to take away the sins of the world.

While we can’t reach God, God can and has reached us through the Incarnate Word who was wrapped in swaddling cloth and was lying in a manger. Nobody finds God, but God has found us in his Son.


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